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expert strategists who care.

Digital communications, media, marketing & design - KJMdigital excels in all things social - both online and off. By placing the creative community in the forefront, we build cultural branding initiatives from the ground up. Let us tell you about our community outreach & CSR campaigns today!

a brand for peace

who are we?


We're creatives excited to connect artists to businesses and businesses to communities. Through our ABC Connect Program, we do just that by facilitating B2B communication among our local art communities. We help artists who can help you. Find out more today! 

How did we start?

The jump between graduation and dream job is a big one. KJMdigital started to help make this jump a little bit easier. Through an online idea incubator of sorts, KJMdigital helps new digital explores find their niche in the online world. We build skillsets in a wide range of areas - marketing, journalism, creative design, research and strategy. Internally, KJMdigital strives to nurture the curiosity of each team member by providing resources & direction. 

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connect with us.

Interested in a great conversation? Reach out here! At KJMdigital, we put people first because we know real relationships are what matter most!

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