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9 Best DIY Marketing Blogs All Musicians Should Follow

We know, we know – it’s hard to be both a musician and a business person, but that doesn’t mean it can't be done. Finding time to create that new tune and write those catchy lyrics does (and should) take priority - and the good news is we're here to help!

We've compiled a list of the top DIY musician blogs, so you can spend more time in the studio and less time online. Check out the list below to get your creative marketing juices flowing and stay ahead of the game. From how to create a social media strategy to how to choose the right venue, this list covers it all - and more!

Photo by israel palacio on Unsplash

1. CyberPR – looking for digital Public Relations guidance? This blog helps all artists – especially musicians - develop solid digital marketing strategies. From strategy prep with social media posting schedules and branding story guidelines to top notch PR master classes built for musicians by musicians, this site provides uber specific advice anyone can follow. Based out of Brooklyn, this team has helped musicians across the country. Need help with Instagram? What about Spotify? This blog has it all.

2. Reverbnation – a great spot to really dig deep in the let’s-be-real seriousness of copyright infringement. Pulling inspiration from yesterday’s beats is a big part of the music-making process, but when does inspiration cross into legal landmines? And what exactly is fair use anyway? Check out this post for clear guidance on this topic and how to avoid expensive legal troubles. To knowing what you can and cannot post on social media to learning how to balance music with business, this blog is your go-to.

Photo by Natalie Perea on Unsplash

3. The DIY Musician – this one-stop-shop is a great place to find those killer podcasts – and not the ones that spout out what could help you as a musician, but podcasts, blogs and vlogs that actually provide accessible, actionable, real-person advice. This blog can calibrate your marketing strategy, give you approximate costs for certain projects and provide new and exciting ideas in the DIY musician marketing space. Check out this post to see why blogging could be the best fit for you, or this one to see just how much your music makes on Youtube. Follow #DIYmusican on Twitter for easy access advice!

4. New Artist Model Blog – created by Dave Kusek, the founder of the New Artist Model, this blog helps advise your music career with all things digital. Wondering how to get your music on Spotify or how to promote your new tunes? This blog covers it – AND walks you through how to book new gigs. For musicians, by musicians – this blog is a great place to find expert tips on how to best use social media in your content marketing plan. Check out this post to see why push marketing is NOT the way to go.

5. Disc Makers Blog – wondering how to communicate to folks NOT in the creative field? This blog has the answers. From advice on how to price tour budgets to what you should do for your next music vid – this blog provides in depth support to help get you and your brand to that next level. Many times, adjusting your frame of mind can help get you out of a rut. As an independent musician, you actually own a small business and owning your CEO role can make all the difference. Check out this post here for more.

Photo by Krists Luhaers on Unsplash

6. Wysidio – created by a group of industry professionals with experience in marketing, event production and of course, music making – this blog is a great place to catch up on all things story and all things branding. From how to boost brand loyalty through venue choices to why supporting festivals that align with your values makes a difference. This blog is a great space to dig in, do some research and explore strategic relationships.

7. Samuraiguitarist – this music ninja isn’t just for guitarists. He gives great advice in his Sensei Series to help all types of musicians boost their presence online. From internet marketing tips to how to run a better band practice, this artist explains everything in easy-to-digest vid-tips:

8. Adhoc – is the perfect underground publication for music lovers that features the new grassroots, DIY movement. Interested in artist interviews, compelling visuals or sneak peeks at new up-and-coming bands? This is the place to go. With an emphasis on culture, creativity and the authentic voice, this site is known for featuring the talent of trailblazing femmes throughout musical history – check out Femme Fridays for their latest posts!

9. – Spotify hotspot, this blog gives musicians killer advice on music, technology and all things business. From who’s making serious money in music streaming to how jazz can help you become more organized. This blogging site gives insider tips on how to deal with rejection, how to choose your streaming platforms to how to copyright your tunes.


And for musical news - visit The Current - a great resource to stay in the know in all things music. Check out this infographic to learn how artists make money...because we all gotta eat at some point!

Like many of you, our blog is still growing and we’d love to learn more about how you're navigating your online world. Let’s start a conversation below!


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