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Ecopreneurship: A Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Green Business

By: Joyce Wilson

You have a love for the planet and a passion for preserving it for future generations. You also happen to have keen business skills. Why not combine these qualities and become an ecopreneur? Essentially, an ecopreneur is an “eco-conscious” entrepreneur, someone who weaves environmentally friendly practices into all aspects of their strategies and operations.

If you want to use your business skills to make a difference in the environment, check out this guide presented by KJMdigital to help start a green company!

Run Through Potential Business Ideas

The first stage of becoming an ecopreneur is assessing your interests, talents, and skills. Then, it’s time to research eco-friendly business ideas, such as:

● Starting a garden and selling organic produce at farmer's markets and health food stores.

● Launching an online store that sells sustainable products.

● Opening a used clothing and home goods store.

● Becoming an eco-conscious event planner.

Plan It All Out

Once you’ve settled on your green business idea, it’s time to get it onto paper and in motion.

● Create a business plan that details your sustainability and profitability strategies.

● Determine which legal structure to establish (e.g., LLC, corporation, nonprofit corporation, etc.).

● If necessary, find a commercial space for your new company.

Keep It Organized

From launch to management, it’s critical to stay organized in every aspect of your business.

● Keep up with your invoicing to ensure you don’t miss any payments. You can find a free invoice template online.

● Use project management software to keep your team aligned on projects and values.

● Revisit your marketing strategy regularly to determine how you can better communicate your sustainability efforts. An agency like KJMdigital can help you reach new heights!

You don’t have to choose between your entrepreneurial spirit and love for the planet. Becoming an ecopreneur can allow you to utilize your business skills for the good of the earth and its inhabitants. Consider the tips above as you lay a firm foundation for your first green business!

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