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Street Art Update - Murals around the World

This original article was written by Elena Martinique and published by WideWalls on August 1, 2020. Click here for more!

mural art
Isakov in Breda

Once again, we go around the world to check out the best pieces international street artists created this month. It seems that not even the global pandemic can slow the production of amazing street art. Here are the best pieces out there:

Lonac in Zagreb

A talented Croatian street artist, Lonac is best known for his striking photo-realistic murals usually influenced by skateboard culture, comics, graffiti, movies, music, but also current social issues. The artist recently painted a large-scale piece in his native Zagreb, titled Polupani Loncici (Broken Pots). The title of the piece refers to a childhood game of hide and seek. During the game, if anyone saw someone cheating in any way, they would yell "polupani lončići!" and it would symbolize the end of the unfair or crooked game as well as a new start for a fair and just game. 

Nelio in Rouen

One of the finest French multidisciplinary artists working today, Nelio moves from conceptual to expressionistic, from construction to destruction, establishing bridges between these vastly different processes. The artist recently participated in a project curated by Olivier Landes for Art en ville. This massive abstract piece covers a whole side of a building, engaging in a dialogue with architecture and its surroundings.

Marc Quinn in Bristol

One of the most controversial members of the famed Young British Artists, Marc Quinn is a sculptor known for a very provocative body of work. The artist recently created a temporary, public installation in Bristol, titled A Surge of Power (Jen Reid) 2020. This life-sized sculpture is based on an image the artist saw on Instagram of a local resident Jen Reid; Reid was standing on the vacant plinth where the monument of 17th century slave trader Edward Colston used to be, with her fist raised in a Black Power salute, following a Black Lives Matter protest in June 2020.

Elisa Capdevila in Ostend

A muralist and painter based in Barcelona, Elisa Capdevila has been actively working at urban art festivals and developing large murals both nationally and internationally. The artist took part in The Crystal Ship 2020, an urban festival in Ostend, Belgium. Working in collaboration with a fellow artist Alba, she painted a gigantic sleeping baby on the wall of Bluebridge, an incubator that stimulates businesses in the blue economy.

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